Redeveloping Florida’s Remote Southern Coast

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Texting & Driving

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How are you talking to your high schooler about the dangers of texting and driving? Many of you have asked us to post this PSA with you via social media as more teens are hitting the road with the start of the school year. Feel free to use this powerful message to get a conversation

Speed limits consultation

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Yesterday, Transport Minister Claire Perry announced the move to raise the speed limit for lorries on single carriageway roads to 50 mph. This is part of a package of measures to cut congestion, reduce dangerous overtaking and help get the country moving. Also yesterday, the government launched a 6 week consultation on plans to increase the

Are your tyres up to the job?

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Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland (40 mins) With heavy rain forecast, it is important that your tyres are up to the job of clearing the water. Have a look at this short video clip. It will explain aquaplaning. Aquaplaning - TyreSafe Without sufficient tread depth your tyres may not be able to cope properly

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