Trailer Handling & Awareness Course

Trailer Handling and Awareness Course includes reversing lessons, to individuals, companies and groups requiring to tow various trailers, boats, horse boxes, plant trailers, car trailers, exhibition units, catering units etc.

Our trailer handling and awareness courses are 5 hours in duration and designed to increase driver awareness on and off the road, giving you the confidence to tow and handle a large trailer ensuring safety in loading, reversing and the general use of large trailers. we can cover the following.

reversing picture 1

Trailer Handling and Awareness Course include:

  • Relevant trailer weights
  • Checking driving licences
  • Daily trailer checks
  • Trailer health and safety
  • Loading the trailer
  • Hitching and un-hitching
  • On road driving disciplines
  • Reversing straight and corners
  • Stability and snaking problems
  • Relevant towing law

This course is for those who passed the driving test before 1 January 1997, and DO NOT need an additional B+E entitlement.
All training is with your own vehicle & trailer. A box trailer can be supplied if required.