Category B + E Car & Trailer Test

We provide B+E car and trailer driver training for the DSA driving test

B+E Trailer Training

O’Kane Driver Training offer  B+E trailer training by a DSA Approved Driving Instructor to companies and individuals who require trailer handling courses and who also require the B+E category adding to their Licence.B +E car and trailer training by O'Kane training services

Do I Need to take a B+E Test?

Changes to the licensing and testing system on 1st January 1997 saw the introduction of a completely new test B+E Car & Trailer Test

Licences held from 1 January 1997

You’ll need to take a practical test to get a B+E entitlement on your licence if you passed your driving test after this date and hold a category B (car) licence.

You’ll need to do this if you want to tow a trailer or caravan heavier than 750 kilograms (kg) when the combined maximum authorised mass(MAM) of the towing vehicle and the trailer or caravan is more than 3,500kg.


The B+E Driving Test

The B+E test is conducted at a DSA large goods vehicle driving test centre with an off road manoeuvring area.
The test lasts about 90 minutes. A VERY HIGH standard of driving is required to pass this type of test.
At the start of the test you are required to carry out an eye sight test. A few questions relating to the safety and loading of the trailer will then be asked.. You then drive  onto the manoeuvring area and complete the reversing exercise accurately and safely. You then carry out the emergency braking exercise. You will then be asked to un-couple the vehicle from the trailer, you are then required to re-couple the trailer safely before starting your driving test.
You will drive in varying roads and traffic conditions including motorways where possible, complete uphill, downhill and angled starts and demonstrate a high standard of driving and trailer okk